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My work is all about worlds, the world I live in, places I have lived and land I have walked upon; it's about how I see things, how I imagine and dream new versions of worlds.  Within these worlds I look at the things we do, our daily lives, our special times, things we carry from one place to another, materialistically and in our heads.


 I'm commenting on the people we meet, how we interact and how much people affect us even if we think we are that solitary bee outside the hive.  I’m reflecting how we carry feelings and trying to show how this make us feel using my imagined creatures.  Giving them props and roles to populate, I envisage them seeing the small parts of our lives and acknowledging it might not all be sunshine and flowers but then, after considering this, giving us permission to change and be happy.  

 Inside my worlds, I deal with change, seeing the past in the present, watching and commenting on the way the land changes, sometimes taking plants and creatures with it or often leaving them behind. My hills show old industry and nature, the incised lines represent the use of the land and the flow of rivers across it.  Each hilltop feels like an individual world but ultimately joined up to be something bigger and more important. The larger hills are home to the Sleeping Giants, old souls who have seen everything and felt every footstep, their shared knowledge is immense as they hold every impressed emotion.  

I look at where we as humans are involved, how we are just destroying our whole planet and yet some of us are saving small, beautiful places that are almost new worlds. My currency is optimism, the amounts are small but collectively I know we can make a better world between us.  

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