It’s spring and it feels like the year is creeping into new growth, a tenuous start to getting back to something like normal.  It has been difficult; we have lived through hard and heart-breaking times and it’s not over yet, but I am working out of my workshop at the bottom of the garden, its cold and not perfect but has views of the wildlife in the garden, good light and enables me to work whenever I can.


My interaction with nature has been limited but, in some ways, more enriched. I was able to watch my garden grow because I was in it so much, a smaller world but seen in close up. Influencing more intricate modelling and textures.  I concentrated on the folktales I love so much, investigating modern day folk happenings, reading books I’ve collected, dreaming and planning for the day I am able to visit places and sketching. Lots of sketching.

 Emerging from this, the Caretaker birds are stronger, the story expanding and even now relevant to our world. Alongside a collection of boxes with birds and creatures modelled on top, containing the potential treasures and secrets from myths and legends. Then the birds, my ambition to bring the wild into our homes, first the wrens, tiny and very varied. An excuse to try many techniques, wood firing, smoke firing, experimental glazes and an assortment of clays. Followed by the crows, black and brooding, a new venture into modelling and embracing the indoors by holding candles  to light our way.

As my caring responsibilities decreased things returned to normal little by little, we did our first wood firing, socially distanced and strangely disinfected. But we worked as a group, shared the work and the results of the firing. Almost normal. I have added the link to my Folksy shop to this website, strangely it’s been a great encouragement as I sat at home and there are events, few and far between but I will be out meeting people, having conversations, hopefully selling work and making connections. Not as it was before but as good as it gets and I for one am happy with this start, this slow growth bringing the changes I hope to see in my life.

Please continue to be careful, consider your actions and above all take care.