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I live and work in Sheffield, a city bustling with makers and activity, with the benefits of city life but scattered with and surrounded by parks and green spaces.

It’s important to me to walk through the park on my way into the city centre. I am interested in the clash of ideas, solitude in the city, still and forgotten areas in woodlands and the point where traditions and folk tales collide with modern life.

This is my starting point, not a literal interpretation, not an illustration but the stories are hinted at and held in the design.

After graduating from Bath Academy of Art, I worked from home and sold limited amounts of work. I then went on to work with people with Learning Disabilities, which proved to be an interesting and creative career.

It wasn't until years later when I started attending a ceramics class at Penny Withers studio at Persistence Works in Sheffield, that I realised how much I missed clay.

I began to find more and more time to spend making, trying to develop my ideas into cohesive collections, improving my skills and technical knowledge, it’s still a work in progress.

Then I started selling at Craft Fairs and other events and this is where you find me today, at the start of what I hope is a new chapter in my life.