2020 started and I had a plan, in some ways it was still a rough outline of a plan but it felt good. For a while I had been between a new collection of work and the old favourites, but I could see a little more clearly what I wanted to do.


In 2020 I was going to do fewer shows, leaving me time to try new clay and test, test, test glazes. I was going to refine new ideas, work on developing new shapes and experiment with groups or sets of pots. I had started research into an idea that would eventually, hopefully make some money for a Sheffield charity and had a long list of visits to museums, shows and different visits to places to fire up my imagination.

It was going well, I was thrilled to get into Potfest in the Pens, Ceramics at Charnwood and had a warm up event with the Millennium Gallery Craft Fair, I had my application in to Sheffield Ceramics Festival and was going to apply to a Christmas show later in the year. 

Simple but defined, loose enough for experiments, room to develop skills, time to have fun and still be selling work – how could a plan like this go astray? I think we know the answer to this don’t we?

So between my stints as a carer I’m still working when I can, learning in different ways and if it can happen between the front door and the garden fence – I’m doing it. Wood firing can wait, shows are cancelled or postponed, no meeting pottery friends and the visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum is in the pending box. The important thing now is that we are in good health and are actually still speaking to each other.  I hope you can say the same.

Stay home, stay safe and look after yourself.

Till better times


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