Forgotten Pools

I was thinking about the moment in a story that describes where the woods are thick and quiet, where the air is still yet the steady life of the forest still goes on around it. A place where magic might happen.


I imagined pools lost for generations, in places children were warned not to venture.


But in our life, it’s unimaginable for there to be a lost spot - we have Ordnance Survey maps, Google Earth, Satellite Navigation. I choose to not believe this as all-knowing technology, I choose to believe these places still exist, waiting, slowly growing, building their powers and charms.

 In these pots I tried to capture a magical blue, implying depth and mystery, then in various ways carved the life and movement of the forest around it. One day on a walk I will find one of these places; I only hope I have a cup with me to drink from the pool.

© 2017 Bev Seth Ceramics